Djembe Classes

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West African Drumming Class!

Next Class Begins January 8, 2020!

Discover the joy of learning the language of the DJEMBE Drum.  Djembe literally means “together” because it’s rhythms are uplifting and unifying.

Tap into a side of yourself that you never knew existed.  Or maybe you feel an inner calling towards the beat of the drum, but aren’t quite sure how to express it. African drumming classes are a great way to reduce stress, quiet the mind, have fun, and get energized!

Our teaching style includes ALL levels of experience, from beginner to advanced.
Come experience a warm and friendly environment in which anyone can have fun learning, regardless of experience or ability. People from all walks of life participate in drumming classes!

Taught by John Scalici

About John: John Scalici is a dedicated student of the djembe and West African music. He has studied with master djembe players Mamady Keita and Fomaudau Konate. He has also been an avid student of several Tam Tam Mandingue appointed teachers including, Bill Sheidt and Michael Taylor. John continues to study with his teachers with the sole purpose of empowering his djembe students in the traditions and joy of West African Djembe Music!

Djembe Class

Call 205-222-6998
Email John Scalici

West African drumming class

Classes run 6-weeks consecutively

Homewood Community Arts (Children’s Dance Foundation)
1715 27th. Ct. S.
Homewood 35209


$110 for 6 week class
$145 if drums needed