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College Student Leadership Programs


Student team building and leadership training workshops are designed to train college and university students from different backgrounds, opinions and goals.

Student leadership training programs will create a systematic working relationship among the participants. In this interactive college team building program your students will find in rhythm a new way to communicate in harmony with each other and carry those skills into the world around them.

Our team building activities for students with not only teach the participants to work in unity with one another they will also improve their overall student leadership qualities.

Dr. Neal R. BerteDr. Neal R. BerteBirmingham-Southern College
“On behalf of Leadership Birmingham, thank you for the outstanding contribution you made to the Quality of Life Day program. We continue to be gratified each year after reviewing the evaluations from the participants, that you provide such helpful learning opportunities for those who go through the program.”“Thanks for all that you do that makes such a positive difference in the life of our total community.”
Amanda FloresAmanda FloresStephen F. Austin University Nacadochias, Tx
“It was a pleasure working with you, John. Your program helped me de-stress and take me back to the reasons why I do my job! Thank you for your hard work and your kind words and flexibility in helping us plan your visit! You’ve definitely made an impact and I can’t wait to work with you again!
Berri CrossBerri CrossGuilford Technical Community College Jamestown, NC
John,“you were awesome as always! Thank you for joining us…Students loved loved loved you! It was their favorite part of the weekend!Again, thanks so much for giving up your weekend.”

Programs for College Students



1— Community Drumming Circle


Community Drumming Circles are an  all-inclusive program where all students are invited and encouraged to participate. Students express themselves collectively and collaboratively in this community music making experience.

If you’ve never witnessed the magic and power of 50, 100, 200 people playing drums together, in unity, you are in for the experience of your life!

John brings up to 200 drums and an additional 200 percussion instruments representing a wide variety of cultures from around the world. The model of college diversity programs is inherent in the variety of instruments and John facilitates this awareness by leading the group to listen to each other more closely.

The event is a group rhythmical celebration of our uniqueness as individuals, but also a powerful metaphor that we are also connected by the mother beat, the foundational beat that binds us together as a human race. The college leadership programs are usually 2-4 hours in length and can be custom tailored for your needs.

This offering is great for:



  • Cultural Awareness events
  • Students Enrichment
  • Freshman Orientation
  • Experiential Diversity programs


2— College Leadership Development and Team Building


This rhythm-based, experiential student team building and leadership program is suitable for groups of 50 or less, and is usually reserved for a group which is together for the entire program. Students learn the role and function of a variety of instruments as they relate to people. Each has it’s own job to do in keeping the rhythm together and there is a delicate group dynamic in which all these instruments (people) must exist.

In between each “rhythmical composition” , John facilitates thought provoking dialogue based on many of the teachings of world renowned leadership expert, John C. Maxwell.

Through learning how to listen to each other, communicate clearly, commit to the task, and serve others first, we set the course for becoming great leaders. The student leadership development program also uses Leadership Cards®, a unique product created and developed by John which challenges students to use their personal strengths as they “lead from the center” and facilitate the group.
Program length is 90 minutes.

This offering is ideal for:



  • Student Leadership retreats
  • Student Leadership Conferences
  • Student Global Honors programs
  • Diversity Awareness
  • College Diversity Programs



3— West African Drumming Workshop


John is a student of Grand Master Djembe player, Mamady Keita, and has learned over 30 traditional rhythms from Guinea, West Africa.

Often used as an add-on to the above programs, John will teach a traditional West African rhythm for up to 30 participants in a fun, uplifting, empowering environment. This is actually a “class” where John teaches the origins of the rhythm, it’s meaning and purpose, and the specific skills needed to play the djembe and dunnun parts. No experience is required in order to derive benefit from this culturally rich, informative workshop. All traditional instruments are provided. Program length is 2-3 hours.

This offering is ideal for:



  • Black History month
  • Cultural Awareness/Appreciation
  • Students wanting to delve deeper into the traditions of drumming.
  • Freshman Orientation



College Student Leadership Programs

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