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Leadership Development Programs

John Scalici is a trainer, coach, speaker and certified John Maxwell team member. John skilfully weaves powerful leadership lessons and principles from John C. Maxwell in to the hands on drumming experience. Your group will leave the session equipped with lasting, applicable leadership lessons from the world’s leading leadership expert, John C. Maxwell. An interactive program with John Scalici is just the inspiration your business is looking for to build a strong team presence with your employees. Build leaders, open the flow of communication among your employees with a leadership development workshop full of exercises and activities designed to teach valuable leadership concepts.

Participants learn valuable leadership lessons in two ways:

1-as a participant who is responsible for creating and maintaining their part
2-as group leader who is responsible for “orchestrating” a musical transition in the group from the center of the circle.
John Scalici facilitates a valuable “debrief” at the end of the program, teaching critical leadership lessons from the world’s most respected authority on Leadership, John C. Maxwell. During this debrief, participants are empowered with leadership lessons which correlate directly to the corporate work environment—moving your team toward personal and professional growth.


Arthur J. Tipton, Ph.D.Arthur J. Tipton, Ph.D.Southern Research
"John, your rhythm program was great! People talked about it a lot and used some of the thoughts you had during the afternoon session so it hit exactly what we wanted it to. Your insights and teachings on leadership really added value to our team. Thanks again!
Trudy MenkeTrudy MenkeThe John Maxwell Team
John used his influence to help us do better. But his demeanor was supportive not critical, engaging not aloof, and he never made us consider how hard his job or preparation was!
Carla Andrews Carla Andrews Signature Living, Inc., West Palm Beach, FL
The activity was the symbol of “Unity by Choice” for me. Our internal drive to elevate to our individual callings converged on one beat, one melody, one rhythm toward the pulse of the team Thank you for the moving experience.That sound will be with me forever.
Paul MartinelliPaul MartinelliThe John Maxwell Team
“This was an amazing exercise where we each came in and sat in a circle of chairs that each had a rhythm instrument. John led us in several exercises then had individuals from the group lead. It was purely amazing!!

An experience with John Scalici will:

  • Teach Leadership in a new unique way
  • Stimulate creative thought processes
  • Promote cooperation versus competition
  • Demonstrate individual effect on the larger whole
  • Encourage clear communication
  • Develop listening and expressing skills
  • Inspire community involvement



Why should I choose drumming for my company motivation or team building?

*Drumming does not need to interrupt your work day–it takes only about an hour. The positive effects are immediate and long-lasting. *The experience of drumming in a group is unique and it leaves an impression. People are sure to go home and talk about how their corporate group was transformed through drumming. *The drum is the most accessible instrument for non-musicians. *Interactive drumming is inexpensive compared to others team building activities, making it a cost effective tool for team building. *Drumming sparks creativity–participants are to encouraged to stop thinking and start feeling the rhythm! This promotes creative thinking “outside the box”. *Group drumming inspires learning and insight. Participants learn through the musical experience just how important it is to collaborate and listen. *EVERYONE can do it!

Leadership Development Applications 

  • Leadership Team Retreats
  • Staff Training
  • Professional Development
  • Conferences


These following were some popular take aways from the
Rhythm of Leadership® presentation:
1-It takes different instruments to make a complete sound
2-Each instrument has its place and purpose
3-For there to be rhythm (synergy)everyone has to hear the same beat and work around it
4-To lead you have to know 3 things -What the plan is (instructions, directions, etc) -How to accomplish the plan (clear objectives) -How to communicate the plan (clear instructions) * have to have everyone’s attention * everyone has to be involved in the communication whether they are to play or not
5- The music doesn’t always have to sound the same as long as everyone is on the same beat
6- When directions are not communicated cleary all the music/rhythm can stop
7-There has to be a leader!!

Paul Martinelli, President, The John Maxwell Team

Additional Comments from Participants:

“Great tie-in of Rhythm and Leadership lessons–Great stuff!”

“Awesome, new perspective on leadership!”

“Such a well crafted experience!”

“We need more opportunities like this–non-traditional methods of leadership development!”

“Amazing relationship to leadership!”

“Awesome! We want to bring John to New York. Best session all conference. I took away the most from this session!”


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