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Leadership Cards® are a fun,innovative way to explore different leadership and communication styles. Cards are passed out AFTER a fully facilitated rhythm event so that participants have an opportunity to view the basic body language and facilitation techniques. Originally designed for adult leadership development programs, the cards can be used with younger groups as well–Provided you lead them well in the beginning!

About Leadership Cards:

—Cards are numbered and are designed to be completed sequentially.

—Cards should be used after a trained facilitator has lead participants through a full, mixed instrument drum circle experience.  The facilitator must serve as a model for the participants to build on.  Clarity of intention and consistent body language will ensure a successful experience.

—For small groups, each person can be given two or three cards as necessary in order to  complete the entire 25 card sequence.

— Cards are designed to create one, long facilitation sequence rather than many sequences on  one card, creating the need for true teamwork and leadership.

–Emphasize that each task is a “set up” for the next task.

–The facilitator should remain engaged to the group process (and aid in keeping the flow of the  groove)  to guide the new leaders through any “rough spots”.

—The Leadership Cards are specifically designed to challenge participants to communicate non-verbally, but use your judgement.  Sometimes groups may need a little help, so  some verbalization is OK!

How to use Leadership Cards:  General Guidelines for Exploration

  • Make sure the group has all the necessary instruments required on the cards! (wood, metal, shakers, drums)
  • When you are ready to empower your participants to lead the group through the activity, distribute cards randomly.
  • Make sure participants know they must keep track of their number on the cards to know when they are next.
  • The leader who is in the center of the circle should hold up their card to display it’s number BEFORE facilitating their part.
  • It’s OK to stop the groove to process something that was “unclear” or confusing.  The cards are meant as a processing tool.  You will create interesting dialogues about various leadership styles this way.
  • BE CREATIVE.  You will probably find many additional uses or NEW activities for these cards.  There is NO one right way.  Try it the way the cards were designed, then make up your own if you want!
  •   Always find out what your participants thought. The processing is an important part.

Sample Questions for Processing:

  • Is it different speaking to/leading a group who is seated in a circle rather than in rows?
  • Did you notice that you ALWAYS have your back to someone when in a circle?
  • Do you find yourself addressing only the people who are in front of you?
  • When you were leading the circle, did you clearly achieve the task on the card?

Praise for Leadership Cards®

For the corporate and business training world, John Scalici has created a very simple, yet intelligent deck of rhythm event facilitation cards. He designed them to develop individual leadership skills, communication skills, and experiential learning. The cards are revealed AFTER participants have experienced a facilitated rhythm event event, focusing specifically on his leadership teachings. Then the participants are invited to step out of the box use the cards in a safe and fun experiential learning facilitation challenge.

I’ve experienced John using these cards with amazing results directed towards building lasting leadership and communication skills in a very short time.

Also, If you are professional rhythm event facilitator, I would highly recommended John’s Leadership Facilitation Cards for your facilitator’s tool kit! The games that you can play with you participants using these cards are adaptable, and fun in almost any rhythm based event situation.

Arthur Hull, Owner, Village Music Circles

I LOVE these cards. As a facilitator I’m always looking for tools to help bring my groups to life and get them fully engaged as leaders in the moment. John’s Leadership Cards are just that tool. I have used these cards successfully to help others find the courage to get up and lead a rhythm circle, become empowered to facilitate and develop confidence to find their leadership voice.

– Jim Boneau, Leadership Coach and Master Facilitator @ The Rumble Group

“Scalici’s Leadership Cards are incredibly well designed, easy to use, and generate fantastic results. They are a perfect platform for developing leadership in achievable increments, and an excellent tool for facilitating interactive rhythm events.”

~ Cameron Tummel

Drum Circle Facilitators Guild, President

MFA World Percussion California Institute of the Arts


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